Book Recommendation: Ready Player One


I do not recommend books very often, but I recommend this one. Go read: Ready Player One. If you have a single fond memory of the 1980s, or liked any of the following movies: The Matrix, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the old good one), Star Wars (again, pre-prequel Star Wars), and if you ever played video games as a kid (and still do) – then you love this book.

I read it straight through over the weekend and I could not put it down and immediately started re-reading it as soon as it was over. I’m gushing about it on my blog because my wife doesn’t share my love for giant robots, virtual reality, or video games but I know that you (the Internet) share my passion for all things geek. Of coarse – you might need to lower your expectations. I had low expectations and only picked it up because Barns and Nobles had it on the buy 2 get one free shelf (yes I still ready paper books). Anyway – hats off to the author Ernest Cline – he wrote the book I wanted to write.

Read it, and let me know what you think.

Update: As I was cleaning up old posts for a site redesign I noticed that they are making a movie and Steven Spielberg is directing!

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